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Carpet Dry Cleaners London

Carpets welcome the guests at your home or the client at your workplace. Carpeted floor creates a sense of comfort, so it is very important to keep it clean and nice-looking. There are various types and qualities of carpets and rugs, some are easy to maintain and others require special care and more frequently cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is special type of cleaning and particularly appropriate for delicate fabrics and natural fibers, or for cleanings conducted in the winter.

Regular professional cleaning is an essential part of keeping your carpets looking their best. Soil and dust lead to tearing the fibers of the carpet over time. In addition moths, moisture, animals and foot-traffic can wear your carpet down and cause permanent damage. The specialists at Cleaning Floor London would take care to prevent such kind of damages and make your carpet fresh again.

What is carpet Dry cleaning?

The dry cleaning of the carpets is a complex procedure, which requires particular expertise and should be performed by qualified and competent professionals. Our carpet technicians have received the best possible training to learn the specificity of work and are fully certified and insured. We use techniques, detergents and equipment that have been improved and tested over the years. Among the dry cleaning products available on the market we choose only the most effective and eco-safe carpet cleaning solutions.

The detergent used for dry cleaning is mild powder. The carpet dry cleaning powder allows the dirt to loosen up and be easily removed from the fibers. Since our operatives use professional powerful machines with special attachments, the cleaning procedure is simple and efficient. The final result of our job would be a decontaminated and refreshed carpet, and not least – elimination of dust mites and other allergens. The carpet cleaning dry method is best suitable for:

  • Sisal rugs
  • Carpets made from natural fibers
  • Seagrass
  • Oriental rugs
  • Silk
  • Velvet
  • Viscose

Please note that the procedure may be done manually. Once our technician evaluate the condition of your carpet will decide which approach for cleaning is best suitable.

Our recommendation for your carpets and upholstery:

Based on our professional experience, the easiest method for saving your carpets and upholstery for long period of time is the application of Scotch Gard. This is special repellent, which will protect them from stains and spills, so the overall maintenance would become easier and the periods between the separate sessions of professional carpet cleaning will protract. Our team will be happy to apply the Scotch Gard upon request 🙂

Is carpet dry cleaning effective

The dry carpet cleaning method is very different from the steam carpet cleaning The main difference is the the dry method is designed to work and protect the special materials. Thus instead of steam carpet dry cleaning powder is used. That is why sometime the visual effect sometimes is not same as with the steam one. But the actual “inside” of the carpet will be indeed cleaned. To sum up, this is very gentle type of cleaning, which is designed to safe and clean your carpets as much as possible.

Our recommendation is to not experiment with cleaning, as you may damage your carpets and rug permanently.

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