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Professional Wood Floor Sanding Services

Why you may need wood floor sanding service?

The hardwood floors are amazing when they are brand new and when they are maintained in flawless condition. There is no other material quite like the wood. It gives incomparable coziness and comfort to your premises. However as the time goes by and with the long usage of the flooring. It’s normal for scratches, stains and discoloration to appear. For this reason your flooring may start to look worn and shabby. Don’t worry, because you can change all that and you can repair your expensive investment.

Take advantage of our floor sanding services

Why you may need our professional floor sanding service. Our experienced company is proud to provide affordable and efficient wood floor sanding services in London, Guildford and Portsmouth areas. Just imagine the great change! Without any efforts from your part you will have your wooden flooring entirely restored and maintained. Our floor technicians are certified, insured and vetted. Thus we can ensure that your floor will be treated with the greatest care. It’s recommended to invite our expert team for a free of charge onsite examination in advance. This way they will be prepared with the appropriate equipment. Depending on the condition and the size of the floor, our technicians will define the suitable floor sanding techniques.

professional wood floor sanding

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If your wood floor is deeply damaged or scratched, don’t despair! Get yourself our specially tailored floor sanding services! Restore and protect your expensive investment! Here are more details about our professional floor sand services:

  • Only high-tech equipment is used by our insured and vetted wood floor sanders in Guildford. Our reliable company doesn’t make any compromises with quality, always have this in mind. In addition, the entire procedure is safe and eco-friendly. Our equipment absorbs most of the dust, released during the wood floor sanding.
  • Everything starts with careful preparation of the surface. Mopping and hovering are performed by our floor restoration experts. Then the wood floor sanding begins. Usually for the first cut, coarse-grit paper is used by our wood floor sanders. The purpose is to eliminate old layers and to make the surface ideally plane. If necessary, filling of holes and boards is also accomplished at this phase. For the second cut, wood floor sanding specialists use the belt sander. We have also an awesome finishing machine. Finally, the sanded floor is covered with polyurethane, oils, or other high-quality sealants.
  • Expect attention to details, diligence and expertise from our certified wood floor sanders. Ask them everything you need to know. Incredible final results are guaranteed.

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Contact us on 020 3519 7975 and get yourself a free quote! Maintain and restore your wooden flooring via our efficient wood floor sanding service in London, Guildford and Portsmouth! Our technicians will make the surface sleek and shiny in no time! Plus, prices are very competitive.

The good news is that our sanding services are perfectly suitable for hard floor polishing as well