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The concrete polishing was not well know in the past, as the concrete flooring used to be mostly a sub-floor. It was covered with carpets, tiles, mosaic and different stone made materials. Nowadays we come to reveal the beauty of the polished concrete flooring. Which could replicate the look and quality of a natural stone. Therefore we can easily apply our experience from work with natural stones and polish it.
The advantages of concrete are numerous:

  • it is practical,
  • easy to maintain,
  • affordable,
  • solid and sturdy,
  • reflective,
  • slip resistant

That’s why it is not surprising that more and more building owners use concrete for enhancing the image of their property.

Looking for Concrete Polishing Solutions?

Concrete flooring can be found in hotels, offices, showrooms, restaurants, retail facilities and warehouses. Lately the concrete polishing solutions has become very popular in private homes. It is magnificent and economical decoration for any lounge, hallway and generally for any high-traffic area. After professional restoration or polishing you will find your concrete floor dazzling and mirror-like.

Our Concrete Polishers:

We love working with concrete older or brand new, we do it all! Our concrete restoration and polishing experts are equipped with the latest system. Using HTC specialized heavy-duty machinery and industrial diamond pads. They are highly experienced at usage of diamond tooling and pads and achieve superior results in resurrection of worn-out concrete floors. Please note that the sometimes only polishing is not enough for achieving great results. However there is no room for worry, as we have the solution.

completed concrete polishing

Concrete grinding for achieving great results

The concrete grinding is required when the floor is not good conditions (lots of scratched and other damages). After the the grinding the concrete luster would remain persistent several years ahead and if it comes to get duller. And the simple buffing will return its glare.

We apply both dry and wet polishing technology, which doesn’t require any harsh chemicals, because the diamonds achieve the necessary effect by themselves. Wet floor polishing is very practical new method, because water absorbs all the dust produced during the process. It is a multi-step procedure, in which the floor is ground gradually, so the technicians could settle the desired level of sheen and smoothness. We will comply all your aesthetic ideas about your concrete floor and the premises will show its gorgeous shape.

concrete polishing and grinding

Using our concrete polishing services?

We specialize in professional concrete polishing for the past 10+ years. If you need polishing services for concrete or tile polishing we are the right choice for you. We will send skillful floor technician to evaluate the condition of you floor for free. And once we see the actual condition of the floor we will issue free no obligation quote. For further information or concrete polishing booking call Cleaning Floor on 020 3519 7975 or send us your request via our BOOKING FORM.