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Floor SealingNatural stone is widely valued as a material for floors, worktops, interior walls and facade coating for its outstanding durability and impressive look. However daily exposition to environmental influences such as light, water, footsteps, extremely low or high temperatures, causes stone to lose its original colour and shine, and induces scratches and cracks which may be dangerous to the integrity of surface. Therefore it is essential sealing natural stone surfaces, protecting it against spillages, oil stains, excessive moisture, moss and mold growth between pores.

Natural stone sealing is commonly applied to brand new material or after polishing to remove any old sealants and accumulated dirt. We at Cleaning Floor specialize in both floor polishing and sealing. We are equipped with different types of impregnates to suit marble, granite, limestone, tiles, concrete, grouts, etc. Our sealers are solvent based, non acrylic, and therefore environmentally safe. Our technology allows for an even spread of the sealant, deep saturation into pores, allowing material to breathe naturally. Treated stone revives its colour and brightness and enhances its hardness and durability.

We at Cleaning Floor Guildford will be happy to arrange a viewing with a specialist at sealing to advise on type of impregnate to be applied and necessary procedures to be taken to restore your old dull stone coverings. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in sealing and protection of flooring. They will apply several coats, depending on porosity and absorbency of surface, carrying out close examination after each layer to achieve excellent results. In case you are considering floor sealing, give us a call on 020 3519 7975 or send us your request via our BOOKING FORM and we will gladly assist with a free quote or a piece of expertise.