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Upholstery Steam Cleaners 

Your upholstered items are what creates cosiness and a comforting welcome for you at the end of your tiring day. Just like the carpets however, your upholstery gets quickly contaminated by frequent daily use, resulting in harmful environmental conditions. Accidental spillages, fingerprints, air-borne dirt and dust, cigarette smoke or excessive humidity, such as that typical of London air, are some of the reasons you may need deep professional upholstery steam cleaning on a regular basis. Cleaning Floor London is equipped with the best machinery and products to conduct a thorough clean and disinfection of any type of upholstery: armchairs and dining chairs, sofas and cushions, mattresses, curtains and blinds.

How we do it:

Our steam cleaning technique allows for deep clean directly on site, without causing a mess, yet producing a brilliant effect. Firstly our cleaning technician will evaluate the state of your upholstery and the origin of any stains, and advise you on prospective final results. Then a careful pre-treatment of stains and high traffic zones will be conducted. We use only the best steam cleaning machines to heat clear water, mix it with a special detergent and inject it at a high pressure deep inside the fabric, decomposing dirt, dust mites and germs. Dirty solution is then vacuumed back into the machine. Your upholstery revives its colour, smells pleasing and most essentially contains no harm for your environment.

Our services are best suitable for

  • Sofas
  • Mattress
  • Blinds
  • Curtains
  • Armchairs

Please note that the steam cleaning is suitable for items made of standard and synthetic materials. If your sofa or curtains are made of special materials, such as silk, velvet, leather, etc. Then you need to check our Upholstery Dry Cleaning service. This is the proper type of cleaning for your items made of special materials.

What we offer:

Our services are custom designed for each client. We will make sure to attend at the time you request. Once on site we will advise you of the current condition of your upholstery item and what is the expected result. They will be no hidden charges or fees. Take advantage of our same day booking offer 🙂

Thus if you are sick of damp wiping your sofas, or taking off your curtains to wash and iron, which are definitely cleaning techniques with a suspicious effect, the upholstery steam cleaning is the right service for you. Call us on +442035197975 or send us your request via our BOOKING FORM and book your upholstery steam cleaning with Cleaning Floor London for proven results.