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Upholstery Cleaners London

Just as your clothes represent you outside of your home, your furniture represents you inside. You don’t want to have damaged or stained fitments in your house of office. Stains on the upholstery are very persistent and are difficult to clean. Before you gave money to replace your furniture and disturb the design combination, let us take care of your unsightly stained sofa.

Most upholstery fabrics are steam cleanable, but other require upholstery dry cleaning. After inspection our experts will apply the proper cleaning method for your sofa or curtains. We use professional dry cleaning detergents, specially formulated for fine fibers and delicate fabrics containing materials such as suede, velvet, silk, rayon, polyester, wool, etc. You can check the manufacturer label – if there stands “S” or “S/W” for “Solvent Clean”, that means “Dry Cleaning Only”.

How to dry clean upholstery

Types of upholstery made from delicate fabric will be damaged by usual steam cleaning method. Our specialists have undergone the required/obligatory training on how to clean and maintain vulnerable upholstery while protecting delicate textiles. We will treat your tissue with non-toxic powder to help breakdown the accumulation of grease and dirt. Then we will extract the loosened filth and the detergent with very powerful suction using specially designed dry cleaning machine. We apply selected extra quality cleaning agents to clean the grimiest home or office piece of furnishing, especially fine delicate fabrics or leather upholstery.

Regular professional cleaning is the best way to protect your furniture and make it look just like new again. Soiling and dust are the worst enemies of your upholstery, because they penetrate deep between the fibers and cause staining, discolouring and ruptures. The way to slow down this process is to clean your upholstery more often and maintain it correctly, using appropriate equipment and detergents. Furthermore, you will get rid of any unpleasant odor, as well as noxious allergens and dust mites.

For what items is the dry cleaning suitable for:

The dry cleaning method of cleaning the upholstery is designed to clean and protect the special types of materials. Its recommended for materials such as:

  • Silk curtains
  • Velvet
  • Sisal
  • Seagrass
  • Suede sofa
  • Linen

Please note that the dry cleaning deffer much from the steam upholstery cleaning.Its very important to follow the manufacture instructions for cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise the item may be damage permanently.

The good news is that our upholstery dry cleaners are experiences and highly trained, thus we can guarantee that no damage will done. We us only upholstery safe dry cleaning products thus you, your family and pets will be safe!

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