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Do you need floor sanding?

As a conscious owner of a lovely home, you take a regular care of your hard floors by mopping them, but do you need floor sanding? Simple moping of the floors keeps them clean and shiny, but it’s not enough. Stylish and fancy, the wooden floor contributes for the warm and cossy domestic atmosphere. In order to keep its flawless appearance for a long time, you need a professional floor sanding.

You’ve come to the right place-Cleaning Floor. Here, you’ll receive a hard floor polishing, done with special equipment, belonging to the famous and reliable brand Klindex. It leaves a very smooth surface and works up to the skirting board. No matter the material (natural wood or not), this method will help you to protect one big investment. The top surface of the floor will be gently removed in order to bring back not only its saturated color, but also its impeccable condition. That will also protect it from harmful environmental influences. We recommend you to invite us in advance for an expert view in order to determine the floor condition and to inform you about the prices. How do you find all that? It sounds really good, doesn’t it?

completely sanded and polished wooden floor

Floor restoration

What happens if your floor is deeply damaged? Don’t worry, that is completely fixable. But how? Thanks to the professional sanding, we’ll perform for you. Just request this special service by calling us on 020 3519 7975. Our effective method will beat the dirt and the annoying scratches. After that the final polishing will restore the initial shine and color.

Ensure your floor a real “rejuvenation”! If it was able to choose, your wooden floor would choose only Cleaning Floor. The individual care shows even from far away. You can’t manage by yourself, because you don’t have the machinery and the professional experience needed. Face it! This challenging task is just for our cleaning team. Prove your forethought by requesting our professional floor sanding! Take advantage of this special care and you’ll be really amazed!

Аcquaint yourself with the whole process just to be informed:

  • First the floor will be carefully prepared for the procedure by mopping and hovering.
  • After that, the sanding starts. For the first cut coarse-grit paper is used, thus removing old layers and making the floor plane. Sometimes the filling of holes and boards has to be done at this stage. For the second cut the experts use orbital sander machines.
  • The successful final is put by a finishing machine. At the end the sanded floor is covered with polyurethane, oils, or other sealants. The main goal is to protect your floor for longer period of time.

How much does floor sanding cost?

The price for the sanding of your floor vary for floor to floor. We do our best to provide the best prices that are out there. However the main difference come from the condition of the floor. Our approach is straight forward, we either organize free onsite visit or you provide photos of the floor. Then once we see the condition of the floor quote is issued. They are no hidden charges, you are aware of the final price before starting the project.

There’s no need to completely understand every step of the floor sanding to be sure that investment worths it. If you don’t call us now on 020 3519 7975, you’ll regret it later. Moreover: check out these reasonable and competitive prices! They vary from £20.00 to £50.00 per sqm. depending on floor condition. Just accept our friendly cleaning agents in your home and relax! The result will be fascinating, that’s a guarantee. Think about the future and prolong the life of your pretty floor!

Cleaning floor London is near you

We cover the whole great area of London, as well as Guildford and Portsmouth. Our services are fast and reliable. There is no rush when working on your floor. At the end of the day your floor must look amazing once we done with it!

Do not hesitate contact us today for free online estimation. Our service representatives are available online 24/7 for you!