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  1. Cleaning Floor HCL as part of House Cleaning London Ltd has an employer’s and public liability insurance. We are entitled to cover claims up to £250.
  2. The customer accepts that any damage, breakage, poor service or loss must be reported right after completion of the service. Failing to do so will compensate customer to nothing.
  3. Cleaning Floor HCL advises that the client or a client’s representative must be present at the completion of the job so that an inspection can be conducted and any omission could be corrected the same day on site. Cleaning Floor HCL is not responsible for failed inventory check after the cleaning session has been carried out.
  4. In case of any accidental damage Cleaning Floor HCL will recondition the injured item. If the item cannot be reconditioned, Cleaning Floor HCL will refund the item’s current cash value to the client.
  5. The client should remove or secure any breakable and fragile items. Items not covered by liability are following: jewellery, art, antiques, cash, items of sentimental value (the client shall be compensated with item’s current cash value).
  6. The client is responsible to arrange a parking spot near to the building, provide a parking permit or pay the parking fee, as well any congestion fee, if required.
  7. Payments are permitted in form of cash or cheque right after the cleaning is conducted, or by bank transfer in advance.
  8. Cleaning Floor HCL can not assume responsibility for: cleaning jobs not accomplished due to lack of electricity or water; fabric discolouring or fraying becoming more visible after dirt removing; unsuccessful removing of stale, permanent stains and spillages that are not able to be removed completely using standard carpet or upholstery cleaning equipment; shrinkage of carpets that are not properly fitted; damaged upholstery if cleaning instructions are not readable; external parties attending at client’s property during the cleaning procedure; accidental damages amounting to £250 or more; existing damages not caused by our technicians; any accidental damages caused by our operatives, if the client has an unpaid balance to House Cleaning London Ltd. 
  9. In order to book regular domestic cleaning, the client should sign a contract with Cleaning Floor HCL. The agreement can be terminated up to 14 days before the service commencement, or in case of a continuing contract by not less than 14 days notice. If the client does not abide by the upper arrangement and does not submit a notice within 14 days, a fine will be imposed for 50% of the total price of contracted cleaning services.

The client agrees not to hire any domestic cleaners represented by Cleaning Floor HCL after termination of the contract. 

  1. Cleaning Floor HCL might assume costs up to £100 referred to locksmith fees at the discretion of the client, in case of accidental loss of keys.